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Power Of Wealth

            When there is person with a high-profile name in the media with plenty of money to go around getting their way, such as winning court cases, we all watch in aversion because we know an average person in that position would have been unsuccessful. We have all seen in the news celebrity after celebrity acquitted of charges filed against them. It is almost as if these prominent social figures know they can get away with whatever they please. The media tends to focus on such high-profile personalities and have often placed these individuals on a higher pedestal than an average person. The constant display of a certain type of individual due to their wealth by the media has helped shape and define the meaning of power in America.
             No one can refute the assertion that someone with money can do just about anything they want. The judicial system has proved that money can help in enormous ways. For example, a number of court cases within the past several years alone involving celebrities such as Sean "P. Diddy" Combs, the infamous OJ Simpson Trial or in most recent news Wynona Rider. Their riches have lead to the acquittal of the charges against them, while other random individuals in the exact same position would have been convicted. But who is to say that these individuals bought their way out of sticky situations? They surely have the wealth needed to have correct and proper attorneys represent them. Such focus by the media has lead society to believe that with wealth one can get away with almost anything.
             The media has set a foundation of what life is believed to actually be instead of having consumers decide their own fates. This nation prides itself in being a democracy, where its people have freedom of choice and free will pertaining to their lifestyles but this seems to be slowly diminishing as the media now feeds the minds of society. They fashion the ideals of what life should be which cannot be easily obtained but is sought after by the masses.

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