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             "Wealth" is a very broad word with different meanings to different people. Many people feel that the amount of money someone has determines if they are wealthy; whereas, many people feel what one has accumulated throughout the years, and how much success they have achieved in their life determines it. Is money and having great amounts of it the only factor in being wealthy, or is it having achieved what one has wanted and having possessions to show for his or her success. This topic will most likely be in debate forever. Some of the most prolific thinkers of our time have debated on the subject of wealth.
             There are two in views of wealth. The first way is where wealth is dealt with as a factor in the life of men and societies. The Bible, poets, historians, and philosophers question if wealth is the desire for money and what money can bring. Money gives us the power to get almost anything we want, but can it bring about love and happiness? .
             The other approach to wealth deals with economics. Many people believe one should not deal with wealth as a means, but with the means to wealth. They believe that the goal of all political economies, throughout the world, is to increase the riches and power of that country. Of course this should be the goal of all these countries, but isn't there more to wealth than just money and power? Blue-collar workers believe that wealth draws from the labor theory of value, meaning that one has to work in order to achieve his/her own wealth. These people believe that wealth is earned, and that it multiplies by reproducing itself. .
             In pre-materialistic times, people believed wealth was having the external and internal goods, which make living possible; for example, love, food, good health, clothing shelter etc. Many people today can't distinguish between necessities and luxuries and can't draw the line between natural and artificial wealth. Natural wealth is what serves a man as a remedy for his natural wants, such as food and love.

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