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             What is wealth? Do you want to be wealthy? Does wealth equal money? According to Oxford Dictionary, wealth means "possession of a large amount of money, property." But from my point of view, money and wealth is not the same thing. Wealth may include money, but they are not identical.
             Money is used as a means of payment, esp. coins and banknotes, given and accepted in buying. It is considered by some people to be the most powerful and important thing in life. Though money is really a good thing, it has also created new social problems, such as crime and violence in the world today. If a person has nothing but money, he is extremely poor, and never becomes truly wealthy.
             Conversely, wealth not only means you have much money, but may include many things: health, knowledge and emotional success.
             Health is a kind of wealth. It is the foundation of one's future success. If you become sick, it is nearly impossible to pursue your career effectively, let alone make more money. On the other hand, if you are stout and strong, you can go all out to overcome the obstacles that lie ahead of you. A person suffering from illness can never enjoy his wealth, just imagine, a millionaire who suffered from serious cancer .
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             was willing to buy his health by selling all his expensive property, but he failed and soon died in despair. So, keeping fit is your own wealth.
             Knowledge is also a kind of wealth. It cannot be bought with money. But it may become money. For example, if you are a good doctor, you have the professional knowledge to know how to treat a special kind of cancer. Then you can use your own knowledge to cure the patient and then earn money. Most people want money, but they have no wealth because they have no assets. In that situation, the professional knowledge is your asset, which can make you rich and wealthy.
             Emotional success is the special wealth, which comes from your soul.

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