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Equality, Wealth, and Poverty

            American culture boasts about equal opportunity. So, people come here to America to obtain this, the American dream. This is but an illusion, this belief builds false expectations, hope. Americans strive for equal opportunity, but this goal is never achieved. People from other nations migrate to America to escape poverty, but just find another form of poverty here. Wealth is achieved through schooling and income equality, through these methods, poverty will be diminished.
             Opportunities are not genuinely equal in America; institutions try to create equality with minimal effort. The lack of government policy is what creates inequality. Inequality creates a major gap between the rich and the poor; this is a major economic gap that needs to be dealt with. "The U.S. itself also has the largest gap and inequality between rich and poor compared to all the other industrialized nations" (Shah). Since there is no government policy to stabilize the rise in poverty, other factors help widen the gap that is the shrinking middle class. Factors like corporate greed is a major motivator, people love money and once they have it they want to keep it, wealth is then unequally distributed among employees.
             With this greed as a motivator, many production services from the United States move to countries where labor is cheap. "Modern factories often scramble to locate in places where production costs are lowest" (Reich 288). By moving the factories, the jobs and then taken away from people, causing the unemployment rate to go up. To make matters worse it is cheaper to build machines to do the jobs of millions of people, steadily causing the unemployment rate to go up, which goes hand in hand with poverty. All this contributes to the growing gap between the rich and the poor. All these factors have made .
             the Americans poverty grow at such a hasty rate. With national wealth comes income equality, and with income equality comes the decrease in poverty.

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