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Equality Has No Standards

            The roots of human society have been balanced by the idea of equality. The molding of human equality has been miraculous throughout the sands of time. Different philosophers and thinkers have tried to define equality and implement it to "society". The universal definition of equality cannot be found in books or from people. It is a relative quantity that depends on the time and place of the situation. We have no absolute standards to define equality.
             An ancient philosopher who aimed to define equality was Aristotle. He believed that equality existed only among equals. According to his theory, there are many forms of egalitarianism and people should not cite one as a standard for the other. For example, we should judge people according to their talents, virtues, physiology, beauty and wealth. We cannot use one single condition to judge their parity. The flaw in his philosophy is that he also agreed that slaves deserved to be slaves and prisoners deserved to be in prison. He believed that people who are "unjustly" enslaved have no choices in how they are to live. This assumption is wrong because human beings cannot be evaluated based on their living conditions. Some are born with silver spoons in their mouth, while others are brought into a world filled with poverty and misery. .
             Human beings do not have control over their living conditions before coming to earth. They are born into a life style and according to their destiny; they are either blessed or deprived of wealth. Slaves are who they are because of a condition they have no control over and should not be judged by any degree as to who they are and what they should have done. The means Aristotle took to define the issue of the equality of prisoners is wrong. People are under captivity because they fought for what they believe. No man is in a position to say that a belief is wrong because he cannot view life in the same way as another person does.

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