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Race Class and Gender

            In "Narrowing the income Gap between Rich and Poor," Michael Hout and Samuel Lucas(VIII<649) argue that wealth needs to be redistributed so that the huge gap between the rich and the poor is eliminated. To do this, they believe that a re-invigorated labor movement is key. In other words, unions, "help lower the inequality of income because they typically management more accountable to workers" (652). After reading Hout and Lucas's article carefully write a paper in which you research some aspect of the history of the labor movement in the United States. Pat particular attention to what the ability to unionize has done for workers. Why have people fought to the point of dying for the right to organize? Try to challenge your own assumptions about labor in this paper. In whose interest has it been to paint labor activism as extremist and dangerous? Dangerous to whom What are the implications of a unionized labor force? Refer to Hout and Lucas for your conclusion.
             Caste and class has plagued the so-called civilized world for thousands of years and for thousands of years the apparent repeat of the syndrome the rich get richer and the poor become poorer. To illustrate this point it states on pg 650 that " not only is inequality growing: it's accelerating. In equality surged between 1991 and 1993 as themost recent recession lowered incomes for all but the richest Americans." Social systems have evolved over time to stabilize society and to protect the fortunes of those in power, expanding from the dawn of traditional society such as the Brahmanic Hindu Caste System and the capitalist big wheels in our modern era. Hout and Lucas argue that wealth need to be redistributed so that the huge gap between rich and poor is eliminated. .
             Unions were created to right the wrong of those societies and to bring improvement and change to benefit the working masses. Change has occurred , children are no longer forced to work thirteen to eighteen hour work days.

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