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Perspectives on Gender, Race, and Class

            In our society, being a white male has many benefits and privileges. With this, I am also a heterosexual which puts me very high on the privileged list according to our society. It is a hard task to list and explain about my privileges, because I feel that I often overlook them and don't see them so much as privileges as I do an accepted list of possible options. I often don't realize that I am granted these privileges due to my race, gender and/or sexual identity. Instead, I somehow believe that these privileges are available to all people, until I take a macroscopic view of them and realize that many are direct results of my gender, race and/or sexual identity.
             When it comes to privileges I experience and recognize due to my race, the are a few that come to mind, but sometimes I"m weary if they are really due to my race or if I"m just thinking to hard. One of the first privileges that came to mind was the privilege of trust. When I say trust, I mean the idea that I, a member of the white race, am given a more comfortable zone of trust from other people. I say this because if I were to go into a nice store, I would have few eyes watching me to see if I steal anything whereas a black person would normally raise more suspicion of the workers and be watched more closely. Another good example of trust being a privilege would be if I were standing on a corner and someone was having trouble carrying packages through a parking lot. They would much easier accept my offer to help them carry the packages then they would a man of color. Naturally, there are always exceptions, but the majority of the time, these situations would unfold as I described. .
             In relation to gender, I am also granted special privileges for being male. One of the main privileges that I have due to my gender would be the privileges I receive in a workplace. Men are usually granted higher paying jobs. According to studies, men on average get paid more then women do for the same identical job.

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