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race class gender

             Throughout a persons life, there are characteristics that affect them. Each decision that her or she makes, has a different result. There are characteristics and factors that can't really be chosen in a persons life. Characteristics such as Race, Class, and Gender. Theses three characteristics are determined by their parents, and have a major outcome on their life. If anyone of these would have happened to change, then it would change the person entirely. Race, class, and gender is what makes a person who they are and who they will become. Their lives will be affected by it throughout their lifespan. I recently interviewed a woman named Courtney. We discussed race, class, gender and what affects each had on her life.
             Courtney is a white-American female. She feels that by being white, she has more advantages and opportunities than being a minority or of a different race. By being white, and part of a major race, people will respect her more and not look at her differently. She can blend into a crowed of the same kind of people and not feel different. I asked her what she meant by "differently" and she said that people look down upon people that are of a inferior races than their own. She also said "its not that people are trying to be racist, but the white race is the dominate one and they get the majority of respect over Blacks and Hispanics." If she was a different race, then there would be no doubt that her life and personality would be different because different races have different cultural aspects that make who they are. If she could be a different race, it would be Indonesian because the women have a very exotic and decorative features about themselves. Every race has a very unique way of life from others and she is very pleased and thankful for her own.
             The middle class is what the majority of Americans fall under and Courtney does also. She grew up in a nice semi-secluded area with woods all around.

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