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After The War

            The United states marched out in her glory, with power and might to show. Showing to the world they were dangerous and a enemy if on the wrong side. George Bush and his campaign orchestrated and conducted a massive propaganda of a government campaign on the people of this country. September 11, finally gave the United States or should I say Bush a reason to declare war on Iraq which brought America to its new destiny, because there will be serious change. For national security a preemptive strike was carried out which bought us to invade. Saddam Hussein who was a clear enemy linked to Al-Qaeda who was responsible for the catastrophe on 9-11, and he held supposed weapons of mass destruction. Americans came to fear Saddam Hussein and his intent on world domination after this news, yet it is America who showed itself as a country seeking world domination a country who would crush any nation in its way. In the broad spectrum of the world we have made ourselves tyrants and showed the great force which is America and we have established to the world our might. Showing that might have put us in danger of being attacked from any side for we have reestablished ourselves as a threat to the world. Really who would dare stand against us, do they not know we will conquer any country that believes it can. In certain polls Israel was considered to be the greatest threat to the world, strange that it is the support of the U.S. that sparks this fear. The US is the dominant super power in that region and right now its backing Israel, so it is Israel that has access and with access they can do anything. the U.S, North Korea and Iraq which were all ranked below Israel by the European polls.

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