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War On Terrorism

            It is said that terrorism is the most important threat that the United States and the world faces today as we enter the 21st Century. Terrorism in some cases is organized crime. With television offering a means of rapid world wide communication in images and words, terrorists have the opportunity to spread fear all over the world. The hijacking of the 1985 TWA Flight 849 on its way to Rome was a demonstration by Arab perpetrators, they wanted the Palestinians to release 700 Lebanese civilian held up in Palestinian camps. The hijacker's declaration was granted and the victims of the flight after 17 days were released leaving one American navy crew coordinator dead. Although hijacking, bombing and kidnapping of innocent people provided a useful way for fighting a cause-whether it was nationhood for the Taliban group or the Islamic perpetrators fighting to punish Americans for the military restraints oversea. Attention has been forced on combating terrorism by deterring and disrupting it beforehand and retaliating against it but the fact is that less attention has been paid attention to what motivates terrorists to launch these concealing terrorist acts; for one destroys American diplomacy with the middle ease trades. Is there a stop to terrorism? According to secretary of state Madeline Al bright terrorism is a cause of anothers action. In reality anothers action is the building blocks to terrorism; as we put it as revenge and vengeance. Is the United States a leading cause of the terrorist attacks on September 11? Although fundamental Islamic perpetrators of the world trade centre in 1993 were unsuccessful at mass slaughter, the mastermind of the plot said he was attempting to kill 250 000 people by collapsing the towers to punish Americans for its policies in the Middle East. In a follow on attack, the groups planned to blow up buildings and key transportation nodes in New York City, U.

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