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Bush's War on Terrorism

            There have been many events in the history of the United States that people will never forget. The attack on the world trade center is definitely one of those events that has made its mark in our history. This mark in history is the one reason why President Bush has declared "war on terrorism." Bush's war has had many effects on the alliances with our country. Most have not been good. However, there have been some domestic advantages. Declaring war on terrorism brought the morale of this nation higher than it has been for decades. He pledged to eradicate terrorism by waging a war on the al Qaeda and the Taliban, who were allegedly responsible for the attacks. As Americans, we were ready to back our president with everything that we had. For example, Senator Joseph Lieberman said, "If I were a terrorist, I would not go to sleep feeling very comfortable about my security." This was the sentiment of the majority of Americans. .
             Bush's so called "war on terrorism" really hasn't done much except alienate some of our allies. For example, since I"m from Springfield I know about this particular subject pretty well. The Springfield 183rd fighter wing was in Afghanistan carrying out a mission. They accidentally bombed a Canadian group and killed some civilians. This, of course, did not go over very well with Canada. Also, Bush said, "From this day forward, any nation that continues to house or support terrorist activity will be regarded by the U.S. as a hostile regime." Unfortunately, he has not treated certain nations who create a terrorist threat as hostile. For example, he has not delivered an ultimatum to Iran, who is number one on the active sponsor of terrorism, according to his own state department. Also, because of Bush"s actions in Palestine, the alliance with Israel has been strained. Bush rewarded the Palestinian Authority's 21-month escalation of terrorism against Israel with a promise to create a Palestinian state.

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