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War on Terrorism

             Something which has existed and been confronted throughuot history. However the actual phrase "War on Terrorism" to us, people in todays society takes on a new meaning. When you turn on the tv you see CNN broudcasting 24 hour coverage on America's honourable struggle against terrorists who are out risking there lives simply to casue a big mess. This is the position the most powerfull government in the world displays to the rich, world rescource controling minoirty of the world.
             However, this is just one govermental stand point on the issue. If you look abit deeper. Listen to what other countries, middle eatern in particular you will hear a very different story. Much violence and confrontation today, many in the middle easy would claim that american influence was part responsible or not healthy to events occuring.
             The war on terrorism is a word most of us hear alot since the collapse of the 2 world trade centres. As the most powerfull government in the world America decided to go all out. They made statement, Either you are on our side. or you are a terrorist.
             September 11, in relevance to today holds a turning point for how the term "war on terrorism is viewed ".
             There are 2 aspects to be taken into consideration in relation to world order TODAY, pre and post september 11.
             Course of Terrorism.
             Before September 11, 2001.
             Terrorism was a word normally associated with un-westernised parts of the word.
             America was part responsible or involved in most Terrorism. [ Can be viewed as for America's own benifits ], Examples of this can be seen in,indochina., where Americas trained the communist faction of Vietnam to fight the japs in ww2.in military techniques. Later to confront them when North Vietnam did not conform to america's alien andfrom the viewpoint of the vietnamese. imposing way of life.
             Afganistan where America supplied and trained terrorist factions to fight agianst the russians. Later to become once again.

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