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Freedom Applied to Sociological Theory

            Summarize the various sociological perspectives studied this semester by taking one of the following social processes: Freedom, and examining it from at least two theoretical perspectives discussed in class this semester. Include in your answer the basic premises and assumptions of those theoretical schools that you included in your answer. Much of what we know about society and social behavior has emerged due various sociological theories. When looking at any sociological concept, we put emphasis on the society or interrelations within that society or culture. Symbolic interactionism views society as the humanly created organization of interrelated parts and relationships that connect individuals into a common culture. According to a functionalism perspective, each aspect of society is interdependent and contributes to the society's stability and function as a whole. In this essay I will examine and highlight the social process of freedom, through both a symbolic interactionism and functionalism perspective. The concept of freedom may be diverse to each individual because each person will have their own assessment of what there meaning of freedom intends to them. As we understand the term freedom today, we compute that meaning by social forces, culture, and the control over choices that we are granted in today's world. Freedom does not physically exist, does this mean we are as free as believed to be? .
             In todays physical world we have many rights, which grant us the concept of what we recognize as freedom. The freedom of speech, religion, and the free choice to spend our lives in any which way that we desire, is only a small element of the concept of freedom. According to the symbolic interactionism perspective, people attach meanings to symbols, and they then act according to their subjective interpretations of these symbols. As humans our decisions and actions are influenced by the norms, values, beliefs and traditions of society, social institutions and the culture, which we live in.

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