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Ideas On Sociology

            Webster's Dictionary defines sociology very simply: the study of society and the development of .
             To describe it in a little more detail, and with less vagueness, sociology can be .
             explained as a scientific study of human social relationships. There are several other branches of the .
             social sciences that are also effected by sociology - they include economics, anthropology, psychology .
             and political science. All of these subjects fall within the realm of societies. Sociologists study closely .
             the ways in which different institutions and structures such as your family, your wealth (or lack of it), .
             your community and your general surroundings influence your society. Social problems such as .
             poverty, crime, and abuse also come under sociology and also help shape society.
             The most basic concept in sociology is the way people interact with each other. These .
             interactions are the basic level of communication between people in realtionships, no matter how minor .
             the relationship is. Sociologists can generally be put into two different categories depending on what .
             they tend to study. Those who examine social patterns and trends locally, nationally or globally are .
             called macrosociologists while those who tend to examine the more tedious of interactions that occur .
             daily between people and communities are called microsociologists.
             While the ideas of sociology were first introduced in the seventeenth century during the .
             Enlightenment, it was not until French philosopher named Auguste Comte came along that the official .
             term sociology was coined. He used it to define his vision of a new science that would help discover .
             laws of human society that ran parallel to those of the laws of nature. He wanted to use factual .
             investigation, which was proving to be very successful in the physical sciences. .
             The most influential and important person in the history of sociology was Karl Marx, who is also .

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