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             Sociology explains the changes that goes through an individuals lifetime Social behavior is something that everybody may have encountered sometime in their lifetime. From birth to death Sociology tell humans about their situations. As in the book, Frankenstein by Mary Shelly, the creatures situation and behavior may be acknowledge through Sociology. From the creatures lack of communication to not being accepted to society, are some of the reasons for the creatures unusual behavior. Sociology states the creatures nature of human conflict.
             Sociology is unique in the family of sciences and it's contribution to out understanding of our social world is valuable. Sociology may be defined as the scientific study of behavior (social relations and societies). The involuntary reaction of a person to a loud noise or to an unexpected asthma attack is not social behavior. Sociology is interactive in nature. Social behavior is oriented toward the past, the present and the anticipated future and actions of other individuals. This behavior doesn't need to the actual physical presence of other persons. The actions of a child alone , picking up and neatly arranging toys and clothes to please it's mother are entirely social. It's actions are responsive to her, in the strict social sense, the mother is "present" for the child.
             A broad discipline with many specializations and subdivisions is not the only sociology, but a field full of conflictiong or apparently unrelated approaches, theories, and methods. The basic concern of sociology is to illuminate the human situation. The interaction between the individual in his personal enviornment and a host of functionaries representing anonymous institutions is what this means. Social behavior or interacton involves a communication of meaning. .
             Three stages: the perception or recption of incoming information or reception of incoming or "messages", the processing or evualation of that infomation, and the transmission of new information or messages are acts of communication.

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