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            I think sociology is the scientific study of groups of people and how they interact around each other. It has changed society over the last few centuries. Sociology studies the interaction between groups, society, and it studies many different cultures through the point of view called "sociological perspective." The sociological perspective helps us to understand common sense, motivates us to be active in our society, to accept the diversity of the world, and it helps us pursue our goals more realistically and effectively. There is also the global perspective which is the study of the larger world and our society's place in it. Sociology looks for general patterns that help to understand and to predict behavior of particular people. There are many different areas in sociology such as social patterns, collectivities, culture and society, and social structure. .
             My learning goals for this course are to become more interested in sociology, to understand sociology in everyday life, to better understand the behaviors of people, to be able to observe groups and hopefully a lot more. I plan to do this by coming to class, paying close attention in class, and doing my best to understand. I"d like to learn more by doing research on sociological topics and hope to take more sociology classes.
             Sociology is very important in everyday life. It will help me with what I want to major in eventually. Right now I am going to major in dental hygiene. Sociology would not help me too much in that area, because all I will be doing is cleaning teeth and won't really have a lot of interaction with the patient. It would help me thought when I"m around my coworkers and my boss. I would be able to see how they act in the work groups. The main thing that I would like to be is a high school teacher, or at least a substitute and sociology would definitely help me out a lot in that field. It would help me to understand groups and behaviors better.

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