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College EssaY

             There is a poster in the guidance office of my high school that reads, "What would you do if knew you could not fail?" The question is easy to ask, but for me the answer is elusive. When I ask my fellow classmates what they are majoring in, they reply in less than a second, and then conclude with, "Hey, it makes good money so why not?".
             "Why not?" In a world driven by money, I wonder how many have compromised their values and not pursued their dreams because they have been allured by the almighty dollar. Even though I have not chosen my major, I want to enter college with an open mind. Keystone offers many courses that I"m interested in-- graphic design, forensics, culinary arts, and teaching. If I am accepted to Keystone College, I will use the Pre-Major program to discover and pursue fields that I am most interested in. .
             I plan to implement all the tools available to me. I will seek out teachers to obtain information about the variety of courses that appeal to me. I anticipate an active exchange with other students that are majoring in the areas that I am interested in. This will help me discover what study is right for me.
             During my visits to Keystone, I felt welcomed and comfortable. I feel this atmosphere will be an ideal learning environment to broaden my horizons and find my niche. Through my education from Keystone College, I hope to acquire the knowledge, confidence, and determination to succeed in a career that I am passionate about.

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