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            As common individuals, when we examine the nature of sexes we have an inclination to assume that males and females are the total opposite. We identify a person's sex as a judgment of their capacities and passions. Despite what many analytical thinkers might say, men are not from Mars, nor are women from Venus. .
             Through time it is been produced that even though biological factors differ between male and female, there lies a certain amount of common characteristics between both sexes. They have the same capacity to succeed in many different categories academically. Here at Arizona College, we recognize the fact that little research has determined whether college produces various affects through men and women students.
             We take into affect that differences in achievement come from alternate expectations for success. It is important to realize how and why gender influences college achievement. We will examine these academic achievements through 500 randomly selected students in their sophomore year here at Arizona College.
             Do you begin see a trend of a reflection of equality or are you now stuck at a two way street? Would it actually matter if the studies were based on the low achievement end? .
             Here at Arizona College the issue of gender differences in academic outcomes is quite complicated; far more complicated to present to you in a written format. For we have a percentage of students, male and female, who have done poorly in the past and now are on top of the achievement level; we have students who have done amazing in the past and now can't seem to keep up. .
             In my opinion, there is no systematic approach to characterizing students of either sex here at Arizona College. In this sophomore class males may be dominant in various academic ways and females in another, but the point is not to base conclusions on group differences. It is more important that we as professionals see the strengths and weaknesses of the students individually - as if truly there is a reflection of equality.

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