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How to succeed in College?

             Process Analysis of succeeding in College.
             What is success? If you look up success in a dictionary, you will find definition such as " the achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted." Success in college depends on your motivation and the development of good study habits. Your motivation is the reason why you are there. No one can motivate you but you. One can learn how to study better. If you would like to learn how to improve your studying skills, or better yet how to succeed in college, I recommend that you continue reading.
             Step one is to establish a routine to study for each class. One must develop a study schedule. Make a weekly time chart. Fill in what you have to do on a daily basis and then in the blanks left, fill in specific study time. For example, if you have an open hour on Mondays from 2:00-3:00 P.M., study English during that time. In High School, the teachers teach, in college the professors" lecture. This is the biggest challenge that students face. You have to prepare yourself. Check your syllabus everyday. Go over your notes; by recopying if necessary, highlight key material, and make sure you understand them. Step one is very important because it makes everything else easier. Good grades are the result of good studying habits. Good grades help students to be awarded financial aid and help them to be able to continue on into graduate or law school.
             Step two is to develop listening skills. Listening help you to understand. And not listening means that you won't be able to learn the material. In order to take part in learning one must come to class ready to learn. Try to leave personal problems outside of the classroom. Focus your attention directly to the teacher. Ask question when you don't understand and know how the material is organized. One must take notes and listen for key words, names, events, and dates. Learn to connect what you hear with what you already know.

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