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Solid Advice for College Students

            A hard working college student is a successful college student! College is totally different then high school. There are very minimal rules, no more asking for permission to do what you want to do, and you get to pick your own class schedule. In preparation for English 52 you will need to know the basic fundamentals to prepare you to pass this class with a good grade. As you enter into English 52 you will need to come prepared at all times, pay attention during class, and always speak up when you have the chance. This might seem like some hard tasks but at the end of the semester you will be happy that you tried your hardest to pass with the best grade possible. This will make you successful in your English 52 class.
             You must come to class prepared at all times. This means you must bring your pen or pencil, lots of paper, and the necessary reading material for that day. Coming prepared to class will make your journey through English 52 smooth and easy. You will be ready when the teacher asks you to take notes on something they are talking about or when you have to write about a particular subject in class. Being prepared at all times is one of the key tools to surviving English 52 at Cerritos College. If you do not have all your necessary supplies and reading material you will not be able to participate with all your other class mates. Which will put you behind everyone else, make your work load harder, and it will frustrate your professor. Be prepared at all times.
             You must pay attention at all times in class. If you are not paying attention you can lose track of what the professor is talking about. You will be confused and end up not understanding the subject your professor is discussing. The professor could be explaining the homework assignment to you, and if you are not focused you will not know what you are supposed to be doing for homework. Always do the assigned homework given to you.

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