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Friendship and Sex

            Can friendship survive sex? Sometimes it can be easy to fall for a friend or to have strong emotions for them. This question is significant because people need to know whether sex will benefit or hinder a friendship. They also need to know the value of themselves and their friendship. Sex brings so many different complications in one's life. I believe that sex in a relationship is acceptable as long as both parties have the same vision in mind. It cannot be one-sided. Both parties have to be willing to give or take from their relationship. On one hand, sex in a friendship can be a problem because one may want one thing that the other doesn't want. On the other hand, both may agree at the time only to have confusion later. Sex should not be included in a friendship unless it is converted into a meaningful relationship. .
             Initially, a relationship cannot start without a friendship. A friend is a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard. Someone who cares, supports, and understands. A friend is always there to give good solid advice and is there to accept a person for who they are, even their flaws. If one has a friend that is this supportive of them, then it would be easy to gain deep internal feelings for him/her. .
             Friends should understand each other and they should know each other's likes and dislikes. This makes pleasing each other easier. With a friend such as this, it should be no problem pleasing in the bedroom as well. Friends decide to have sex because of three reasons: sex is easily available; they decide no consequences (no strings attached), and it's just something to do to pass the time. According to Eileen Smith, she believes that "Friends-with-benefits relationships are far more complicated than they are worth" (Smith). Friends who become intimate risk more than just their bodies, but they also set themselves up for a world of hurt.

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