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Same Sex Marriages

             Same-sex marriages: A Multivariate Study.
             The recent upsurge in same-sex marriages has been linked to society's assessment in relation to society's normative level. Evaluating the variables of the laws that prohibit same-sex marriages from occurring provides information to help society change its perception of same-sex marriages. The study of same-sex marriage helps explore how gay couples are perceived in society. .
             The results support the conclusion that the special laws that concern same-sex couples are not legal. The current acceptance of an idea of gay couples is perceived positively as a regular couple would be perceived. The frustration associated with sex-same marriage that yields little hope of achieving the "ideal" may provide a key in understanding how same-sex are formed in society was associated with negative image in this study.
             Negativity was associated with dissenting opinions of gay couples. Negative societal reaction, allied with disapproving attitudes toward gay couples. This status is associated with an array of negative charasterics, not least of which is self-contempt.
             Table of Contents.
             Dedication 1 .
             Abstract 2.
             Chapter 1: An Introduction to Cohabiting Gay Couples 3.
             Chapter 2: The Application of Society's Perception of Gays 6 .
             Chapter 3: The Society's Perception of Cohabitating Couples 14.
             References 15 .
             Chapter 1: An Introduction to Cohabitating Gays Couples .
             In the year of 1995, there were over 1.5 million gay or lesbians living together. The relationships of gay men and lesbians has been stereotyped as less committed than heterosexual couples because(1) lesbians and gays cannot get marry legally, (2) heterosexual misperceive love between gay and lesbians couples as being somehow less " real" than love between couples.

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