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Drinking age to 18

            It is well known a lot of eighteen year olds drink alcohol illegally. The fact that is against the law deters very few of them from drinking. I do not think it is fair or makes sense that an eighteen year old adult can not drink. The legal drinking age should be lowered to 18. These people that are going into college at eighteen, are legally considered an adult but still can not legally consume or buy alcohol even though they easily will find other ways to get alcohol and drink it.
             With Ontario getting rid of OAC some people are going into college or university not even being able to drink because they are still 18. Alcohol is easily accessible at these places and the minimum drinking age of 19 is doing very little if not nothing to stop eighteen year olds from obtaining alcohol. These people if they want to drink will obviously be drinking anyways why make them criminals for breaking this unreasonable law. Drinking is a part of college and university whether the law makers like to admit it or not and by making it illegal for these students to drink is ignorant and pointless as it will accomplish nothing in preventing them from drinking. .
             Since when your 18 you can not legally buy alcohol most people will find other illegal ways of getting it when they should be allowed to buy it themselves. Fake Id's which are very illegal are commonly used to get alcohol. This is a serious crime that these people would not have to resort to if them having a few beers was not illegal. Also since in our neighboring Quebec the minimum is 18 many people make the short trip to Hull and just simply bring it back. This is another crime a normal kid would have to commit just to get a 6-pack. Somehow if both of these ways are not possible they will just get a 19 year old they know to go buy it for them which again is very illegal. Letting eighteen year olds drink would definitely help prevent these crimes that they should not have to commit in the first place just to have a drink of alcohol.

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