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Drinking Age

            Twenty one, the ultimate goal of all adolescents, but why? Why is 21 the age that.
             separates adults from others? At the age of 18 people have many rights, they can vote, smoke, gamble, join the military, be charged as an adult in court. Out of all of these rights, one is still denied, the ability to consume any beverage, particularly alcohol, at any time he or she chooses.
             Your either an adult or not, if age is the deciding factor than let it be, but don't deny an adult rights that are theirs.
             At 18 years old my grandpa went strait into the army and was soon sent to.
             Vietnam. He was in the trenches with men from all over the United States, face to face with men, women, and children trying to take his life. Everyday he was at risk of a child walking into his base armed with grenades or other explosives. He would be forced to stay calm and sit while bullets would fly by left and right. He knew by joining his life would be.
             at risk every day, but he still stayed in the Army another 23 years and participating in two wars.
             When my grandpa was done risking his life everyday for our country, our country.
             in return told him it was against the law for him to drink any beverage he chose at a bar.
             Was my grandpa responsible enough to drink, I don't know, but I felt like responsible or.
             irresponsible he should have been allowed. If our country thought of him to be responsible.
             enough to fight for it, than that same country shouldn't be able to tell him he wasn't.
             responsible enough to drink a beer.
             Some might say I was just someone wanting to drink three years earlier, but the.
             law doesn't do a thing except go against itself. Keep the drinking age at 21, but make the.
             age 21 to join the military. Personally I just feel like that the age of 18 and 21 contradict.
             each other and that one or the other, or even a compromise, should be the new age of an.
             I also feel like that an 18 year old is going to drink to, if he or she wants too, no.

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