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binge drinking

            For many students, college means a tremendous change in one's life. In some cases, it means not living home anymore and calling a new unfamiliar place home for eight months. This newfound freedom often results in some risky behavior. One huge problem with campus life is binge drinking. Its effects harm the student as well as his peers around him, thus posing a threat to himself and everyone around him. Unfortunately, many students do not think about alcohols negative effects on the body. These students only think about "fitting in" and looking "cool", so they drink alcohol. Students have traditionally avoided discussing the reasons for binge drinking. It's high time some new light is shed on this subject.
             The first question to be answered would have to be, who binges? Surprisingly it is reported that "44% of U.S. college students engage in binge drinking, and students more likely to binge drink are white, age 23 or younger, and are residents of a fraternity or sorority. High school binge drinkers are three times more likely to binge in college." Over half the binge drinkers admitted to frequent binge drinking (binging three or more times in a two-week period).
             There are many reasons why college students involve themselves in binge drinking, some more obvious than others. One of the most frequent answers to why they binged was to get drunk. Out of thirty people I surveyed twenty-one said that getting drunk was their main reason for binge drinking. Looking closely at this statement it could mean that they need alcohol to lower their inhibitions and to lessen their senses to be able to have a good time. Alcohol is their easy way out of "being shy" and keeping to themselves at parties and social gatherings. Alcohol quickly transforms them into the "life of the party." By drinking heavily, they are trying to dull their senses so they can easily talk to others or do something that they normally would not do in a right state of mind.

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