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Binge Drinking

             A college student named Ben, and his experience with binge drinking .
             From the Real Life section of Prevention Magazine.
             What is the main idea of this article?.
             The main idea of this article is how a college student named Ben had a .
             bad experience with binge drinking. It showed the unfortunate things that can happen to those who binge drink. In Ben's case, the unfortunate thing that happened was death.
             Do I agree or disagree or both?.
             I disagree with Ben's decision in drinking too much alcohol just to impress his fraternity brothers. I think he definitely made a poor choice, and I hope that others who read this article agree with me. Ben was just an average college student. He threw away his future in one night. Ben could have been something great when he grew up. .
             Brief summary:.
             In this article, Ben, a normal college student, decided to start binge drinking. Ben was a normal college student and had his whole life ahead of him. He was accepted in a fraternity, and decided to binge drink to impress his fraternity brothers. Ben made a bad decision, because if he had chosen not to drink that night, he would probably be alive today. This article shows how Ben's life was thrown away in one night. This does not seem fair, but it was the decision Ben made . This article shows the harmful affects drinking can have on a person and the people close to them. It shows how drinking affects more people than just the one who is drinking.
             My opinion:.
             In my opinion, Ben did not make a smart decision. I think this article was good to publish, because it reminds the public of how bad drinking alcohol can be, not only to the person drinking, but to the people included in the person's lives. I thought it was good that this article showed the harmful affects that drinking can have on many people's lives. This article only showed one story, with all of its affects. This story might not have a big impact on the person who reads it, but if the person thinks of all the other things that can happen in different situations, hopefully they will realize how idiotic drinking alcohol can be.

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