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Drinking and Driving

             How is drinking and driving affecting our society today? Drinking and Driving has increased so much. People think that when they"re having a problem drinking solves everything, but it doesn't. Some people not only drink when they"re going through something depressing or anything, but when they get behind the wheel they think that they can anything. The reason I say they think they can do anything is because if they make the decision to drink and drive and put other people in danger, then they obviously don't care what they do to themselves or other people.
             I know there are some people who drink so much, they don't know what they"re doing and end waking up finding out that they killed five or six people, but that's okay because they couldn't control themselves. Right? WRONG!! If they drink so much, they don't remember what they do when they"re drunk, then they shouldn't be drinking in the first place. They say people drink because there's a party or they"re stressing off something in their life, but you don't have to drink to have fun at parties or when you"re stressing off something. You can play games at a party or the way we do it now a days, you can just dance. Now when you"re depressed or stressed out people usually just need to talk to a friend or family member. .
             I believe that we as a society should take matters into our own hands and do something about it because the government doesn't really seem to care. All they care about is the money. I also believe that another reason why the government doesn't do anything about it is because they probably drink the most. If you think about it they make more and more safety devices in cars everyday. And I think the reason that is, is because they know people are going to make mistakes driving, but they also know that more and more drivers are driving drunk.
             If a driver is accused of murder because of drunk driving they should just deal with the consequences.

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