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Drinking and Driving

             One of the most popular headlines of a newspaper is car accident. Besides car racing, another issue that the whole society concerns is drinking and driving. When one is drunk, he or she will still think himself or herself is totally conscious while driving. However, the outcome of this "logic" thinking always turns out to be a car accident. The car accident can be as simple as injuries and as serious as deaths. In order to reduce such accidents, a new technology has invented to prevent drunk driver to drive. With the new invention, the society hopes that the car accidents caused by drunk drivers will be minimized. .
             It is common that people drink alcohol as entertaining or as socializing. Sometimes one might drink over the alcohol limit that he or she is not allowed to drive. And mostly, one will then emphasize that he or she is not drunk and is able to drive safely. I remember once when my friends and I were drinking at a pub, one of my friends was very drunk and she was the driver too. She was talking non-sense after she was drunk, and still indicated that she was conscious. We blindly trusted her; however, when she was driving, the car was wiggling. Because of our safety, we told her to stop and my another friend who did not participated in the drink took her car and drove us home. Therefore, never take the words from the people who are drunk that they are able to drive, since they are the driving force of a severe accident. .
             Drunk drivers may think their minds are clear while driving, but as they drive, they become speeding without noticing. Speeding, mostly, ends up the driver and the passengers into a car accident. This accident can be luckily as injuries or sadly as deaths. For instance, there was once a newspaper on four people who were all drunk and sped had crashed into a car with two people in it. Including the other car, there are total of two passengers were dead and others were severely and lightly injured.

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