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Drinking and Driving

             Should the drinking and driving laws change from 0.
             look at all the reasons that we should have this law changed. In the past 15 years progress.
             has been made to reduce the proportion of fatally injured drivers with high blood alcohol.
             concentrations (BAC) at or above 0.10. Proportions are lower in all age groups. They"re.
             lower among drivers of passenger cars, tractor-trailers, and motorcycles. But still,.
             alcohol-impaired driving is a major problem. [1].
             Many states are now lowering the BAC defining impaired driving from 0.10 per.
             cent to 0.08 per cent. A BAC as low as 0.02 percent has been shown to affect driving.
             ability and crash likelihood. The probability of a crash rises after 0.05 percent and even.
             more rapidly after about 0.08 percent. [1].
             If reduced to 0.08 per cent this equals out to around 2-3 drinks per average person. .
             On an average persons body weight 2-3 drinks can alter the mind, impair vision, and.
             affect coordination. If this all happens at 0.08 per cent then at 0.10 percent it get worse. .
             Alcohol is one of the most widely used drugs known to man; it has been with us since the.
             dawn of civilization. The effects of alcohol on driving ability are well known even.
             moderate amounts produce serious impairment in many individuals. It has commonly.
             been observed that alcohol is a factor in a large proportion of all fatal traffic accidents. .
             Approximately 70% of drivers killed in a single vehicle accident and 50% of drivers.
             killed in multi-vehicle collisions had been drinking. Among all driver fatalities, alcohol.
             was detected in the blood of 60-70 % of those considered responsible for their own.
             deaths. [2].
             More than half of the pedestrians killed in traffic accidents had recently.
             been drinking, and there are numerous reports that alcohol is a contributing factor in a.
             great number of industrial accidents. A large proportion of the people involved in such.
             accidents are chronic alcoholics, although the majority are apparently "social drinkers".

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