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Clean Good Fun No More

            Through out time, there has been a great quantity of substances created by man with the purpose of experiencing unusual sensations. Among these, alcohol is the one that is culturally more spread, the easiest to get and the one that most probably might lead to the consumption of other drugs. Drinking of alcohol among teens in our civilised world has increased a 20% in the last decade, according to the WHO, while all these unhealthy "products" have crossed all critic barriers in the last times, both in consumption and acceptance. One of the supposed causes for this is the association that youngsters establish between fun and alcohol or drugs.
             To explain this it may be argued that, nowadays more than ever, youths feel they must escape from their everyday reality which is often dull, monochromatic in terms of creativity, expectations and passions, and with a great strictness on their lives. This escape from reality will then involve recreational activities, which are often thought to give joy to these adolescents. Yet, these activities must occur in a "different" reality and that is the reason why nocturnal diversion is the most common form of teen entertainment. But that entertainment includes not only dancing wildly all night long, for which alcohol may be needed, but also generating situations were normal, rational behaviour is altered by the lack of inhibition, reasoning and clear perception that these drugs bring. Therefore, it may be concluded that the average teenager will feel that these habits are necessary to have fun and escape reality. Dance clubs in many ways foster this kind of conduct since they act as an incentive for gregarious individuals to merge with the "mass" and lose control and inhibition while dancing. Moreover, they provide, in the majority of the cases, the offer of the product or, if it is the case of an illegal drug, the common location for the offer of the product.

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