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Hybrid Cars

            Your car slows to a halt 100 miles from the nearest town. The battery that you are using has run out of fuel. Now you can ask yourself if you should have relied on batteries to get you where you wanted to go. The issue of whether we should be forced to change our cars to hybrid vehicles, that are much cleaner and use less gas, is a highly regarded debate. Many argue that it is only reasonable to mandate cars that are cleaner and save fuel. There are also opponents that support the current, American way of life. We should not be encouraged to invite hybrids into our lives, just because of the benefits. It is my contention to show the importance of our current cars and the effects that losing them could have. Encapsulated are some reasons why hybrids are a good thing, along with a bit on why hybrids are not going to work, and concluding will be reasons not to support hybrid cars.
             There are some environmental reasons for siding with hybrid cars, including saving fossil fuels for other things, cleaning our air, and saving our planet overall. Saving our natural, crude oil is essential, so we can use it for other activities like riding dirt bikes and go-carts, and without these toys, our lives could be barren and dull. So if we save these fuels, we can drive longer in our cars and have more fun on our toys; doesn't that sound like a dream come true? If, when we drive, we use less gas and use battery-powered equipment, the smog and smoke that comes out of our tailpipes, will be drastically reduced. If we have fewer trucks carrying the fuel to our gas stations, we have less smog in the air as well. So if we are using fewer fuels to go just the same distance, we are not only cleaning our air but also ensuring longer prosperity on this planet. Everything so far adds up to one thing, saving Earth and having fun doing it. Nothing can beat saving our planet because we will be here longer to have more fun in our cars! "Sales of the Honda Insight gas- electric hybrid vehicle reached record- breaking levels in May, pushed in part by record gas prices.

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