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How to clean the bedroom

            It's dark, you"re tired, and you"re dressed for bed. You creep through your bedroom doorway yearning for sweet warm covers. There's only one problem. An obstacle course of clothes, hard books and tapes, sharp pens, and crinkled trash stands between you and the bed. The disadvantages of having a messy room have snuck up on you again. Do you want make your room more comfortable for yourself and guests? Does it sound good to turn that junk on the floor into useful, organized tools and money? If you answered yes to these two questions, than it's time to clean up. However, if you've ever tried this for yourself, you know it's not as easy as it sounds. Where can you start? You might try to come up with your own system of organization, like I did. It took me four years to develop a fine method of cleaning the clutter. If you don't want to wait that long, try my "keep-it, trash-it, or clos-et" method.
             The first and most important step in cleaning that messy bedroom is forming your attitude. Remember your options: "keep-it, trash-it, or clos-et." Only the items you"re sure you will use fall under the "keep-it" category. Sometimes, however, it's not easy to decide. How about a necklace your grandmother gave you or that stuffed animal that's been on the TV for years? Also, you"ll find things you can't use, but someone else you know could. If this is the case, put the item in the closet or any other area you can make available to be your "clos-et". You will decide later what category the closet items will fall into: sell it, keep it, or donate it. If you can't use it, and no one else can, than it's a "trash-it". Parting with junk the most valuable skill in organizing, so don't fear choosing "clo-et" or "trash-it." Once your options are firmly in your mind and you have a closet available, you"ll almost be ready to start cleaning.
             The next step is gathering a few simple materials. First, you need enough trash bags to throw things away.

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