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Fuel and Energy

             Nuclear power will be powering the Galileo. The Galileo will have it's own Nuclear power plant. It will keep us loaded for all eternity. Fuel will be natural gas and delivered to us every six months. That is the maximum time you will be able to stay on the Galileo.
             For air it will be very simple. Just like a regular house we will have AC and heat. There will be oxygen tanks inside the walls, oxygen, heat, and cool air will come through vents located in the walls. The Galileo will contain a filtering system that will keep the air fresh and clean. After six months a ship called the Savior will come and reload us for another six months.
             Living Arrangements.
             Living arrangements will be also very simple. The Galileo will contain one, two, and three bedroom apartments, complete with a kitchen and living room. The size of your apartment that you will be assigned to will be determined by your family size. The Galileo will also house a state of the art hospital, were all research and authorized experiments will be conducted. The Urratio Hospital ,named after Dr.Lauren Urratio the founder of the Galileo's first research department,will have the best doctors and nurses that space can provide.
             Food and Water .
             Supplies will be delivered every six months. Supplies like paper towels, toothpaste, soap, etc. will be delivered with food and water. The Galileo will contain two food courts, two grocery stores and a cafeteria. The food courts will have fast food and seat down restaurantes. The cafeteria will be buffet style and will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.
             The people stationed on the Galileo will be required to wear uniforms. Each apartment will have a laundry room, with dry cleaning facilities also available.
             The Galileo will have a free dress weekend twice a month, with clothes that abide to the Galileo dress code.
             This just in, a 24 hr.fitness facility will be opening soon on the Galileo .

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