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Fuel Cells

             What is the best method for storing hydrogen as a fuel for electric fuel cell engines in automobiles?.
             Background Information.
             In today`s society, people are highly dependant on automobiles as a method of transportation. Because of the high demand of automobiles, it is natural for researchers to try to find the safest, cleanest, most efficient method of having an automobile function. At the present time, most automobiles operate using gasoline as a fuel in combustion engines, which create environmental hazards. "After the internal combustion engine consumes the gasoline, it releases carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen carbons, and carbon dioxide. These chemicals cause air pollution, acid rain, and the buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This results in the destruction of our precious ozone layer (Svoboda 1)." In order to prevent further damage, many organizations have been working on building newer types of engines for automobiles that would produce far less pollution. .
             Automobiles that use batteries as their power source are available to the public, but unfortunately, are not able to travel extended distances before using up their entire energy source. Another possibility for a power source is solar power, unfortunately though, there are several problems. One of which problems is that when it is cloudy out, or at night, the automobile must use a backup energy source, most often a battery which is an insufficient source of power. In recent years, many researchers have been looking towards fuel cell engines as a solution to these problems. Fuel cell engines are able to produce energy which would in turn be able to power automobiles. Unlike combustion engines, the only substance produced, aside from energy, is water. "Also, the hydrogen fuel cell is much more efficient than the internal combustion engine. A hydrogen fuel cell converts about 80% of the chemical energy of the fuel into the kinetic energy of the car (Mustoe 551).

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