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Hydrogen as a Possible Fuel Source

            Hydrogen as a possible fuel sources is an idea that has been researched for years. Many scientists are conducting research to find ways to properly extract, transport and use hydrogen efficiently for the world as an alternative fuel source to help lower the greenhouse effect on the atmosphere. From the sources used during my research on hydrogen fuel as a source, the authors of the articles took different approaches on ways to implement and manipulate hydrogen so it can be helpful to the environment rather than being adversely harmful. The articles about hydrogen fuel took approaches from many perspectives: health and wellness from improving the quality of the air, the dangerous hazards of hydrogen, the role of hydrogen in California's economy, and efficient ways to extract hydrogen using renewable energy. The common aspect that these articles use is the knowledge of hydrogen being a possible fuel source for cars in the future to lower the greenhouse effect but from different perspectives. The question of hydrogen being more helpful than harmful throughout the years is the big concern now based on cost and utility. .
             Authors René Zimmer and Welke Jörg conducted a study on the perspective of hydrogen fuel by Germans since they are know as the flagship country for engineers. 80% of those who were surveyed have positive perspectives for hydrogen fuel cell energy. The survey also shows that many Germans have never heard of hydrogen cars. Awareness was a large issue in the article. According to the study, many were open to the idea of hydrogen as a fuel source. Hydrogen is very flammable but interviewers still believe that conventional fueling stations are just as unsafe as hydrogen stations. This study was only constrained to one specify country and their "positive perspectives" were taken without any prior knowledge on hydrogen as a fuel source. .
             The automotive company Honda is the pioneer for the first hydrogen automobile.

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