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Fuel Cell Technology

             Fuel cells are the way of the future. In a world riddled with energy crisis, fuel cell technology is the beacon of light. Not only is it more efficient than burning fossil fuels but it is cheaper and better for the environment. This paper will discuss the use of fuel cells in place of internal combustion engines in automobiles. First the paper will discuss the technology behind fuel cells, providing a little history followed by how the fuel cell actually works. Some common fuel cells will also be identified. Next, advantages of fuel cells will be discussed touching on both environmental and economical benefits. Then the paper will analyze current progress in the field .
             Figure 1. Sir Grove [1] outlining the work of some companies and also providing the reader with some of the shortcomings of fuel cell technology. Finally, the future of this technology will be presented accompanied by some final recommendations. This paper will be very useful for those thinking about purchasing a fuel cell vehicle, businesses that want to begin setting up an infrastructure for fuel cells or those that are just genuinely interested in the field and want more information.
             Although fuel cells are something of a recent phenomenon, the theory behind them has existed for more than a 150 years. Improving with time, fuel cells are now a reliable source of energy and are being considered for use in many different applications, including automobiles. The following section will provide a short history of fuel cells, describe different types of fuel cells, and then speak briefly on applications in the automobile industry.
             In 1839, Sir William Grove theorized that it was possible to create electricity by reversing a chemical process called electrolysis. Electrolysis is an electrochemical process in which electricity is run through water to separate its two components, hydrogen and oxygen. Therefore, Grove hypothesized that if hydrogen and oxygen were combined, water and electricity would be produced.

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