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Hydrogen Fuel Cells

             The new car on the market is a hybrid one. Hybrid cars are powered not only by conventional fuel, fossil fuel, but also by electricity which it generates during everyday driving. These cars are very efficient now, but in the future when nearly all the fossil fuels have been burned up and it is too expensive to use it in the large scale economy. I believe hydrogen fuel cell powered cars will take over the automobile market for several reasons. First, hydrogen is one of the most abundant resources on the planet and can be extracted anywhere on the planet unlike fossil fuels. Second, power, hydrogen fuel cells provide more than enough power to drive any type of automobile. Third, size, a hydrogen fuel cell motor is far smaller than a typical combustion engine which allows designers to put any type of body style on the same engine. Fourth, unlike today's motors, hydrogen fuel cells are 100% ecologically safe. Fifth, hydrogen fuel cell cars are catching on fast in the automobile market around the world. .
             Significance of the Problem/Purpose Statement.
             The fact that we are burning fossil fuels faster then they are created is not a new issue. We have been looking for an alternate source of power for years. The automobile market is the first market that will be affected by this problem. They are finding solutions in hybrid cars but hybrid cars still need fossil fuel to run and they still have a damaging exhaust. Hydrogen fuel cells are the answer.
             Research Questions.
             During my research I will find the answers to the following questions: What ways will hydrogen be extracted and from where? What will the costs be of storing it? How fast can it be extracted? What will the costs be of building on hydrogen fuel cell care now and ten years from now? How much fossil fuel do we really have left, and how long until it's gone?.
             Hydrogen fuel cells have been the topic of big auto corporations for some time now.

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