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The Victorian House

            A family and house was very important to the Victorians, they took much pride in both their family and their house.
             The Victorian era was rich with elegance, splendor, and romance. The Victorian period was a time of the lush, abundant, cluttered look that most of us associate with the term "Victorian." Families in the Victorian era were very important. They were usually large, in 1870 the average family had five or six children. Most upper class and middle class families lived in big comfortable houses. Each member of the family had it's own place.
             The wife's role was to dress well infront of others, and to behave in a prim and proper fashion. She would oversee her servants, plan meals, shop for clothes, and pay visits to other women. She did not do jobs like washing clothes or cooking and cleaning. She kept a pleasant, comfortable, clean home for her husband and family. Only poor women went out to work, middle- and upper class ladies stayed at home. As a wife, the woman's behavior reflected upon her husband, and her position meant that she should not let him down. Her husband held a great deal of control over her. .
             The father was often strict and was obeyed by all without question. The children were taught to respect their father and always spoke politely to him. Very few children would dare to be cheeky to their father or answer him back. When he wanted peace and quiet he would retire to his study and the rest of the family was not allowed to enter without his special permission.
             During the era, children were expected to be seen, and not heard. In upper-class homes, there would have been a nursery for the children. The children and the nanny would have slept there. The nanny would have complete control over the children, and in fact, the children would rarely see their parents during the day. Victorian children were expected to rise early, because lying in bed was thought to be lazy and sinful.

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