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A Dolls House

             The issue of gender and ones sex has been a controversy for centuries. The roles and duties of a person should not be based on ones sex. A person must live their life for themselves and not be defined by their sex. One should not live ones so called duty, but live for themselves and the one they truly love. The story of A Dolls House by Henrik Ibsen portrays the roles of men and women in Victorian society and the problems within these roles. Ibsen uses the characters in the novel, especially Nora and Torvald, to symbolize men and women. Ibsen uses an extraordinary writing quality to show demented relationship between Nora and Torvald, or men and women. The story shows the portryal of men and women and what the reader should infer from the story.
             Men a shown to be more superior to women, but unaware the true person a women is in A Dolls House. Torvald sees himself as a superior person to Nora and believes that he exists to take care of her. Torvald says that he wishes he had the opportunity to save Nora. Torvlad only wants a chance to show that he is superior to his wife. He only wants to prove that he is her husband and that he is there to take care of her, but instead of taking care of her he manipulates her into what he wants he to be. Torvald sees her as a possession of his to show off. Torvald's want to save Nora is one of denial. Torvald blows his opportunity to save his wife because he does not truly care for her. He is hurt by her leaving only because he sees it as an attack upon him and his character and his pride. He does not truly love Nora and that is why he losses her. Torvald is lost and confused toward the end of the novel. He can not see the reason in Nora's desire to leave. Torvald is unable to fathom Nora and her newly found ideas. Nora leaves to live her own life, but Torvald is unable to see that she has been living a life that is not hers. Nora has been living a life a Torvald's wife and not as herself.

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