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Dolls House

             The ending pages of A Doll's House were very entertaining for me.
             seemed to lean towards using extreme drama and creating dramatic situations in order to capture.
             the reader's attention. During the ending of the story, Henrik Isben establish one clear moral.
             of independence. I could really sense the importance of being independent to this.
             family in A Doll's House. By allowing characters such as Nora to develop over the course of the .
             play, Ibsen sets up the play to have a dramatic, almost tragic downfall. .
             A Doll's House stresses the significance of women during the 1800's. I felt as if Nora .
             leaving Torvald was indicative of her "breaking loose" and being free. "In any case, I set you free.
             from all your obligations. There must be freedom on both sides." (P. 71) In addition, not only did .
             she leave Torvald, but she left her children behind, her own flesh and blood. For me, I thought .
             this represented the true burden that was placed on women during that time. In order for her to.
             give up the one and only thing that should be most important to her in life, she had to have felt.
             almost worthless and as if life was not worth living anymore, as is obvious from her thoughts .
             of suicide. .
             Nora is a character that has changed drastically because of various events that occur.
             throughout the play. She is one of the only characters who gets into special relationships or.
             conflicts with other characters. This characteristic of Nora sets her apart from the other female .
             characters in the play, thereby expressing her true side. Although Nora realizes that the social .
             conflict she may encounter being a single woman, she realizes that this fault does not outweigh.
             the good, therefore showing how Nora's freedom and self-respect are priceless values to her. .

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