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Saturday Morning Cleanings

            Ah it's Saturday! A day to relax, play outside, or watch Saturday cartoons. Then you hear my mom yell "Come on son, it's time to clean!" Now you would get to have fun and such on Saturdays but first cleaning the house had to be done. It was not a hard task since it was my mom and us two kids but it did take time. We each had our own certain tasks of what we would do and where we would clean and we usually did those same things every Saturday. We divided the house into four parts: The bedrooms, the bathrooms, the kitchen and the living room in that order. Reason being is because the way our house was built, the bedrooms and the bathrooms were at one end of the house while the kitchen was at the other end of the house. Which meant the living room was in the middle of the house. So my mom liked to clean from the ends of the house towards the middle so once an area was cleaned, we wouldn't have to go back over that area to get to another area. Each of us knew how to clean each area, so if we rotated or had to help someone, we knew how to clean it right. Cleaning the house on Saturdays helped teach me that a clean house leads to an orderly house and that when you take care of what God gives you in the small things, He can trust you in the bigger things. .
             The bedrooms were usually maintained by the person that lived in that room. Cleaning the room would usually begin by picking up trash and dirty clothes if there is any. Making the bed if it hasn't been already. Wiping down the furniture with a wash rag and if its wood, use wood shiner to shine the wood. Windows would be next. For that, you would use window cleaner and a paper towel making sure no smears were left after wiping it. To finish it up, vacuum the carpet.
             Next, the bathrooms. We usually begin the bathroom by taking out the trash and wiping the counters off with a wash rag. After that, we would pick up any bathroom rugs, shake them off and put them outside the bathroom.

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