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The Influence of Rap on Today's Society

             Music is an international language understood all over the world through its rhythm and the feeling it can give a person. It defines personality and demonstrates emotions better than any other means of expression. Because the subjects are so similar to the negative and positive aspects of life in today's society, rap and hip-hop give people something to which they can relate. Although it is not what anyone could call "clean" music, rap has made its imprint on the kids of this generation. When people need to gain comfort or strength, they look to things they can relate to, which provide encouragement and motivation to ease their minds and go on living life. Because the people born in this generation have experienced many of life's hardships much younger than past generations, rap and hip-hop music provide reassurance that troubles will pass. Listening to famous artists who have become successful reminisce about their struggles and difficult times, and knowing that they were able to lead good lives, helps kids these days to cope with their problems, which are all so similar. When drugs, alcohol, and guns became popular in society, so did rap and hip-hop music; this is not a coincidence. Rap has brought to itself many criticisms based on its lyrics and subject matter, yet more and more children are growing up in single-parent homes, raised by parents who are on drugs and friends who only support the chaos these kids create. When the love they need to feel from home is not fulfilled, they go elsewhere to find something to fill in the empty spaces. Most often, neglect and anger leads these kids to do things other kids may not ever think of doing. Furthermore, because they know no one cares what they do, they engage in activities which they think are fun, but are illegal, and they get themselves into trouble. Rap and hip-hop music circle around this behavior in a whirlwind, as it discusses these same problems and means of entertainment that kids of this generation go through and in which they participate.

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