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Should Everyone Have Driving Privileges?

We are literally giving them a license to fail. They will most likely fail in successfully assimilating into American culture. .
             A similar argument for undocumented immigrants being eligible for a driver's license is a classic argument; cash money. Opponents of laws giving driver's licenses to illegal aliens claim that the cost and resources to enact these laws outweigh the potential benefits (Kozak). To contrast this popular misconception, many claim that giving illegal immigrants licenses will not burden a state, in fact, will pay for themselves. The fees associated with starting up, upgrading systems and staff increases will largely come from the fees collected with each application (By the). The New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice also argued that allowing the immigrants get their license will, in turn, increase the revenue of the Department of Motor Vehicles. The current Governor of Connecticut had similar comments, "It's about knowing who is driving on our roads and doing everything we can to make sure those drivers are safe and that they're operating registered, insured vehicles. There's a reason these measures have been supported by local police and city leaders, and that other states are taking similar common-sense steps." While many may view bills that will make illegal immigrants eligible for a driver's license a cost for taxpayers, they are most likely only viewing the gross cost, not the net cost of the program. The cost to the taxpayers is no more than what it will cost for a legal citizen to apply for a license. .
             For many illegal aliens, the opportunity to be identified in the United States of America may seem like a step to citizenship. This is not the case, the driver's license they will be applying for will be for the sole purpose of being behind a wheel or to be identified by a police officer. The mere fact of being considered "illegal" in the United States, then being told that your state will recognize you and give you the ability to drive throughout the state, may be confusing.

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