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             They have to worry about peer pressure, parents, school, and what is really the right decision. Why should congress not help them out when they are the future leaders of this world? One of the top killers for young people is the misuse of alcohol. Youth live in a society that encourages them to drink. Teens can easily get alcohol from adults in both social and commercial settings. One of the most effective ways to reduce health problems among young people is to reduce the flow of alcohol to youths. To reduce accessibility to minors, congress should pass, or support Mandatory 21, Keg registration, Stricter DWI laws, Limit alcohol advertisements, raise the price of alcohol, and enforce our existing laws.
             Mandatory 21 means just that. Have you ever heard on the radio 18 to party 21 to drink? Teenagers from Louisiana Alliance to Prevent Underage Drinking do not agree with this concept. According to an article about the group, they believe that if you cannot drink then you do not belong in the environment where people are drinking. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's article, "Age 21 Drinking Laws," mandatory 21 has saved an estimated 17,359 lives and over $32 billion in economic cost since 1975, and 816 lives and $1.8 billion in 1993 alone. The estimated number of lives saved by enforcing the drinking age laws between 1985 and 1993 is about 8,438. This could be more if people who are underage are kept out of places such as clubs or bars, where people are allowed to drink.
             Another way minors receive alcohol is at parties. Say someone decides to throw a big party and they want alcohol, they encourage someone who is over 21, or in some cases their parents, into buying them a keg or few. They do this and go to the party usually at parks or an open area. Someone calls and reports the party to the police, and when they show up everyone disappears.

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