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Local products

            These days the goverment encourage local products with low prices due to our recessionary economic problem.This problem came from buying foreign products more than local ones.There are diffirences between them that lead people to astonishment, some of these points are quality and prices of the two products .
             Local products have a great effect on the economy, as it increases the national income and helps in the growing of the economy. To be fair, quality of local products are low ones, but iam sure that if people encourage these products by buying it more than foreign ones its quality will rise untill it is much higher in quality than foreign products. The attractive point in these products is its price as it has low prices which is available for all people from diffirent societies.
             Nowdays foreign products are available in markets with huge quantities and people hurry to buy it.
             Foreign products have high quality that attracts people to buy it but this high quality are accompanied with high prices.Prices of these products are very high and this is due to the attraction of people to it, but not all of them, only the rich ones.
             We still need some effort to encourage our local products to raise its quality to export it,so in my opinion that untill now the foreign products are the best, but for us we must upgrade our products to raise our economy and to be better than foreign ones whom they use our materials like cotton. .

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