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The media and its affect on the films we see

            The film industry is organised into three main stages. The first stage of a film is the production, this is where .
             an idea is thought up, normally by a writer, director or a producer. A script is produced and the budget of .
             the film is estimated for potential investors to see if they will financially back the film. For the film to be .
             invested in, the film has to make 2.5 times its total cost for the film to be called a success. The next thing .
             that has to be done is the producer to hire a director for the movie. After a director has been chosen the .
             script is broken into scenes and a storyboard is produced. When this is done, there is a screening for the .
             potential cast members of the movie. The cast of a movie is specially chosen, so that the film can be .
             accurately produced to show how the scriptwriter wants to portray the actors of the film. .
             The next stage is for the filming to take place, whilst this is going on there a unit of publishers who arrange .
             for the photos to be taken. This is done so that the photos can be used as promotional items. After the .
             filming take place the film is edited this is where the special effects and music is compiled with the film. .
             When all this is finished, the film is given to a distributor, such as Warner Bros. who then estimate how .
             much money it will cost to distribute the film and research is undertaken to find out who the target audience .
             is. The film is then certified for what age group it should be classed under. After the certification the date of .
             released is considered and the advertising is of the film is produced, such as posters and movie trailers. The .
             advertising is produced to publicise the film, so that it can attract the attention of the public. Also at this .
             same time, there will be additional promotional items such as toys, clothing and lunchboxes for a children's .
             movie. .
             The final stage of the film is the movie being shown in the cinema multiplexes, where the audience decides .

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