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The Rights and Wrongs on Induced Abortion

            Induced abortion, the deliberate termination of a pregnancy has been one of the biggest issues in America for decades. The debate about Induced abortion continues to be a problem in the society because of the reasoning behind laws that have been established. Opponents of induced abortion, pro-life supporters including the Planned Parenthood organization, have argued that it is immoral. The fetus they have noted is human and has a right to life just as the mother. They also believe that Induced abortion goes against Christian principles outlined in the Bible. On the other hand, supporters of Induced abortion, including Katha Pollitt's, argues that that "abortion, despite what any of its opponents might claim, is a palpable social good." Pro-choice supporters essentially believe it is a woman's right to make decisions about what is in her best interest. Considering both sides of the issue, one will realize that abortion is a complex issue, and therefore should not be limited to unsubstantiated claims. This is why a woman should be allowed to choose whether she to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Such decision is a basic human right.
             Induced abortion in many cases is necessary because pregnancy can severely impact the health of some women. There are women who have health issues that affect their capacity to carry a child. Women with Diabetes, for example, are at high risk of having a pregnancy that threatens their life. They may experience high blood pressure that can kill them and their unborn child. Hypertension in itself is a common health risk that can lead to complex pregnancies that may result in the death of mothers and their unborn child. Women who suffer from hypertension are at high risk of having a miscarriage, which is accompanied by abdominal pain, bleeding or blood clots in the uterus. Reporter Frederica Mathewes-Green (1991) stated, "For years I bought the line that the unborn was just a "glob of tissue.

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