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The Rights and Wrongs on Induced Abortion

" I learned that early abortions are no more kind: the child is pulled apart limb from limb, and sucked through a narrow tube to a bloody bag." Green seems to be talking about a baby that has matured or reached full term and did not threaten its mother's health or life. Furthermore, she is rather emotional in her reasoning. Indeed, not all women have high-risk pregnancies. But if a woman knows that her pregnancy will not be successful or can kill her, she should have the right to decide whether she wants to carry it. One has to objectively make decisions. .
             Pregnancies can cause serious problems, but there are some people who will argue that induced abortion threatens the health of women. In 2013, Paul Stark writing for the National Right to Life stated that "surgical abortion is an intrusive procedure that violently interrupts a natural biological process." However, surgical abortion becomes high risk when it is not done properly. Failed abortion procedures usually occur in circumstances where the physician is not qualified to perform abortions. It is important that all physicians be researched and experienced, to avoid these high health risks to guarantee a safe abortion. Furthermore, Stark mentions how induced abortion poses long-term risks to the physical health of women. He believes that women are at high risk of getting cancer, and induced abortions could hinder their future reproductive success. Stark comments about the immediate risk complications are facts, but these problems only happen 10 percent of the time. It leaves 90 percent of all induced abortions at a high risk for and successful abortion. According to AfterAbortion.org "Approximately 10% of women undergoing induced abortion suffer from immediate complications, of which one-fifth (2%) were considered major." Most women won't suffer from complications due to an abortion.
             Induced abortions are an emotional experience for women, of course, it is purposeful killing and unborn child, but the procedures also saved many lives.

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