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            Abortion is a subject of perception; to find a clear cut solution would be to commit suicide. Doctors say that candy is not bad, so long as there is not a consumption of it at one time. All things in life must be viewed through a reasonable, clear mind. To say abortion is good or bad is to look at it blindly. Abortion is not like racism or oppression where to look at one incident is to miss the point. Or if we look at the big picture we see the crime, and abuse. Abortion is by far a twentieth century invention or discovery, the only thing modern about abortions is the procedure. During the time of ancient Greece and Rome there have been writings of abortions. Abortions may be dangerous no, but back then women used herbs to create contractions and speed up labor when giving birth. They discovered these same herbs could be used early in pregnancy to abort a fetus (Lowenstein, 24-26). So abortions have been performed since about 1000 B.C. However, it was hard to mix the same concentrations of herbs each time, and so some women died from an overdose, or did not drink enough to abort the fetus. (Lowenstein, 26). Women have used several different methods to induce an abortion, whether abortions were legal in their society or not. In the seventeen hundreds women used ergot (Lowenstein, 26), or parsley (Lowenstein, 26). In the eighteen hundreds women would drink poisons such as arsenic, lead, and phosphorus (Lowenstein, 26). After five decades surgery was introduced for women to have abortions. In the nineteen hundreds women used more drugs which sometimes killed them, but later in he century a suction instrument was created to suck the baby out of the subject. Throughout history, women have had abortions, whether legal or not even if it meant risking their lives with unsafe methods. (Lowenstein, 27). In September year two thousand The FDA approves RU 486. (Gibbs, 41) the pill, RU 486 also known in the Unites States as Mifepristone, will cause the uterus to shed its lining, dislodging the embryo.

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