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             Most rational and reasonable people shun the bombing of abortion clinics. We agree that murdering some one seems wrong and our society punishes it very strongly. Abortion, however, is not murder in the eyes of the law, and many people in the world. However, activists greatly dispute this issue. Some think of abortion as an extremely horrific crime. Why the difference of opinion? How can we, as Americans, become so split on something like abortion? Personal morals and beliefs determine these opinions, and in America those change from person to person. We all agree that abortion clinic bombings can become deadly, and killing doctors accomplishes nothing significant. This begs the question how can we believe this hypocrisy of guarding lives by taking lives, no matter the reasoning behind it? Does the Bible condone killing in this instance, or any? Most people, most Christians, say no. Killing doctors and bombing clinics cannot solve anything. It only delays the inevitable because someone set on abortion will go somewhere else. In order understand reasons behind both the Pro-Life and Pro-Choice arguments, you must understand their background. The different sides have had several factions, with many different beliefs. The Pro-Choice side uses reasoning ranging from a woman's right to choose and autonomy to a French philosopher who said that the world is destined to eat more than we can produce, and will overcrowd itself. They both believe that people have an inherent right to use birth control whenever they deem is necessary. The Pro-Life movement has a slightly different and less diverse beginning. Mainly, religious groups have pioneered and championed the Pro-Life side of the debate. Catholics are usually given most of the credit, good or bad. Protestants for the most part take a Pro-Life stand without really rocking the boat, saying what they feel, but then acting more or less like it has just gone away.

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